Filthy Gray Music Video  

You Stay Alive – Music Video

Filthy Gray is an acclaimed musical artist formerly of the Portland, Oregon based bands “Huffy” and “Waiting for the Day.  His debut as a solo artist “You Stay Alive” will be featured in a music video set for production in the 2010 directed by Evan Stroum.”

 Have you seen this man  

Have You Seen This Man?

(Coming Soon)  A short film about a man with short term memory loss who is in search of himself.

Keith (A Documentary)

Keith is not an ordinary homeless man. He knows a better life awaits him but his daily encounters with drugs and other transients threaten his fragile way of life. Please rate the film on IMDB.


A short about the nocturnal life of a Tarantula and his quest for a meal. The film is Approximately 11 minutes long and contains rarely seen footage of the arachnid’s eating behavior.

Buried Above the Surface

Jonathon, Art, and Crispin are profiled as killers with disparate passions in this short film. As the killers bury their victims and the secrets the heinous crime conceals, their dispositions are showcased in the process. This is the story not of what is being buried beneath the ground but what can be found buried deep [...]


A hedgehog adventure!

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